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51ST GRAMMY NOMINATED!!! - Best Contemporary Jazz Album

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The debut CD “Hemispheres” showcases incredible instrumental, Progressive, Jazz, Funk compositions with an ultra high degree of musicianship.

Phil Turcio - Keys, Joel Rosenblatt - Drums, Ric Fierabracci - The Bass.

featuring special guests, Dave Weckl, Brett Garsed, Eric Marienthal, Gary Meek, Steve Tavaglione, Bill Evans, Walter Rodriguez, Jeff Miley, Bob Sheppard, Christian Howes, Brian Monroney, Joel Hoekstra and Doug Webb.

Listen to a Sample: Hemispheres CD

2007 Release from super trio featuring Frank Gambale, Virgil Donati and Ric Fierabracci.

Recorded live at the Evelyn Hotel in Melbourne Australia in June 2003.

Evenly dispersed compositions from every member of this trio, this CD will surely bring you back to the night of the show down under with Frank's sweepage, Virgil's insane drum licks and Ric's pure mastery of the bass. This is a must have CD for any die-hard fusion fan.


Tapestry, the explosive debut release from the L.A.-based band Mojo, is sure to excite fans of intense, melodic instrumental rock fusion! This trailblazing power trio features Kofi Baker (son of drumming legend,Ginger Baker), guitarist Brett Garsed (Nelson, John Farnham, Garsed & Helmerich, Uncle Moes Space Ranch) and bassist Ric Fierabracci (Chick Corea, Billy Cobham, Dave Weckl, Steve Smith). Tapestry combines well crafted original songs with spirited improvisation and interplay captured in a "live in the studio" context.



2011 Recording from Aussie Guitar Master Brett Garsed. Known for his amazing work with Uncle Moe's Space Ranch (TJ Helmerich, Gary Willis, Dennis Chambers and Scott Kinsey), Centrifugal Funk, OTV, Planet X, to touring with John Farnham and recording on many other significant projects. Brett Garsed is one of the most gifted and underrated guitarist/composers on the planet. His improvisational skills are of legend. This is Brett Garsed at his best combining heart, soul and mastery of his art.

   “Dark Matter” also features the genius playing of fellow Aussie, Phil Turcio (Hemispheres, OTV ) Craig Newman, Ric Fierabracci and the powerhouse drumming of Gerry Pantazis & Virgil Donati.




Now Available:  The debut CD from drummer and son of “CREAM” drummer, Ginger Baker.

  An explosive recording of Cream and Blind Faith, the band doing it’s own unique original arrangements and stretching out on “Sunshine Of Your Love”, “Deserted Cities of The Heart” and “Do What You Like”.  Over 32 minutes in length...

featuring special guests, Ric Fierabracci on bass, Tony Spinner on guitar and vocals, Thijs Schrijnemakers on B3 organ and Jan Akkerman on guitar.

Listen to a Sample:

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